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Not Back to School DIY Homeschool Starter Pack

Learn how to write your own personalised
curriculum to suit your family's needs.

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Each Pack contains a copy of Beverley's best selling do-it-yourself manual
Getting Started with Homeschooling and all 9 of her very popular
Practical Homeschool Booklets
(see details below). Over $70 value!

"Getting Started is very balanced in its approach to homeschooling methods and also covers so many of the areas and questions that I desperately needed to deal with." Joanne

"Beverley's patience, experience, and understanding of both the questions and the answers make her a wonderfully helpful guide to the adventure of helping children learn without school." Wendy Priesnitz, Life Media


Natural Learning and Unschooling Pack

A collection of Beverley's booklets to help you to transition to a
gentler, child-led and self-directed form of home education

from $29

Natural Learning, Natural Learning Answers, Learning Maths Naturally
Learning Naturally Diary A5 ($29) or A4 ($33) format
A Sample Approved Natural Learning Program and Review

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"Beverley's lengthy experience in the homeschooling community is legend. Thankfully for all involved she continues to share her deep thinking and acquired wisdom..." Linda Dobson, Parent at the Helm


Download The Educating Parent Resource Directory Beverley Paine's quick guide to getting started with homeschooling and unschooling, including comprehensive list of Australia wide online support groups, blogs and more!

comprehensive guide

Homeschool ~ Unschool ~ Australia!

  No longer in production - back issues available - see below. A quarterly collection of long-term home educator Beverley Paine's writing published online on blogs, support groups and her various websites.

The content reflects her keen interest in promoting home education and respects and honours the many different approaches families use to enrich their children's learning experiences.

Every week she read, reflected and responded to the hundreds of posts and emails she received and collated her responses as well as information about resources and approaches into this very readable 40 page magazine.

Her style of writing is friendly, supportive, honest and frank and above all else clearly demonstrates her passion for children and learning.
Dip into her three decades of parenting and educating experience
and purchase any or all of the back issues.

"Writing for and encouraging home educating families sustains me. It's a two way process:
as a reader you offer me so much, for which I am very grateful and why
I am committed to producing an affordable magazine."

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Winter 2013

My thoughts over the last month have been focusing on home education regulation. I've rejoined the Home Education Association committee as an ordinary member. This issues puts together some thoughts from my two decades of experience, listening to other families, and interest with what is happening overseas. The winter issue is an eclectic mix of articles: in the space of five weeks our family experienced a marriage, a death and a birth. Deep breaths! Grief and joy, spending happy and sad moments with family and friends: Autumn has truly been an emotional season for us. As a result I’ve abandoned my usual format for this issue. You will still find the usual practical FAQ articles, Resource Roundup, Networks and Camps information, and regular columns.
Click here for a list of Contents in this issue.


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Autumn 2013

Parenting, motherhood, managing to have a life of our own as well as home educating our children head up the first issue for 2013.
My practical do-it-yourself lifestyle philosophy combines with my permaculture understanding come together in articles that are close to my heart: children exploring nature, us exploring and celebrating our children's natures, learning and living in tune with nature and our natures.
And there are the usual practical FAQ articles, resource roundup, networks and camps information, news, and regular columns.
Click here for a list of Contents in this issue.


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Summer 2012

Play! This issue focuses on the very important role play has in our lives - and not just for the children. The educational and developmental benefits of play and playfulness are enormous. Once again the little people in my life inspire me to hunt for activities to keep them busy. And don't forget to check out the lovely weding photos of my eldest son Roger to Courtney his lovely lady. We're very excited and happy to announce the arrival of a new grandchild in 2013! For those transitioning to unschooling and natural learning there are thoughtful articles for you to ponder - is it necessary for children to have passions and interests to unschool? I don't think so...
Click here for a list of Contents of this sweltering summer issue!


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Spring 2012

My spring issue focuses on socialisation as well as record keeping, two subjects that have been exceptionally topical over the last couple of months on my online support groups. As a natural learning unschooling parent I found recording built my confidence in a life/play/interest based approach to education and hopefully my articles on recording will help you feel confident too. In Spotlight on Curriculum I look at the value of incorporating singing into your homeschool curriculum, as well as articles on other subjects. A new column to the magazine inspired by my grandchildren is Learning with the Little People! Plus our usual resource roundup, links to interesting articles, and my random musings on all things education and parenting!
Click here for a list of Contents of this issue!


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Winter 2012

This issue focuses on the changing nature of home education: virtual schools, unschooling, debunking some of those persistent myths about homeschooling. I delve into a favourite subject: collections! Financial concerns are never too far from our minds so I've included a focus on budgetting and finding home educating resources. Socialisation comes up frequently as topics for discussion in my online support groups, so there is a couple of articles on that, plus I share a few thoughts on natural learning, unschooling and trust. In Curriculum Corner, our spotlight is on learning to read. Guest columnist Tamara talks about e-readers. Plus our usual resource roundup, links to interesting articles, and my random musings on all things education and parenting!
Click here for a list of Contents of this issue!


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Autumn 2012

This issue focuses on home educating teens; defining what we do (natural learning, homeschooling, unschooling!); travelling and home educating; answering some of those pesky questions we all endure; some advice on planning and recording to help it make sense and become easier for you; plus our regular column curriculum corner with a spotlight on maths and LOTE, as well as resource roundup, what I'm reading, random musings, networks and support groups, bits and pieces.
Click here for a list of Contents of this issue!



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April Jermey took over the reins of Always Learning Books from hr mother, Beverley Paine, in 2011. A stay-at-home part-time working mum of two young children, April experienced a mix of education, including homeschooling, unschooling, part-time attendance at school, completing her high school certificate at school. She supports the right of families to choose the education that best meets the needs of their children.

Beverley Paine home educated her three children, now all adults, between 1985 and 2004. An active volunteer supporting and promoting education choice for families for over two decades her legacy continues in her books and articles.


"The information you supply is real and generous. Most books do not really explain 'how' as well as you do." Tracy

"I cannot seem to get enough of your writings on the whole home ed subject! You portray a lot of wisdom, knowledge and experience..." Marie

"A fabulous source of information and inspiration. I am very pleased to have some of your titles on my bookshelf... providing me with wonderful, detailed information and resources." Faye

"Whenever I read your writing I always come away with increased confidence in my ability to provide and share a wonderful learning journey with my family. Thank you!"Maaike

"Your guidance, understanding, support and words of wisdom changed our lives." Lesley

"I have been so grateful for the texts I have read from you so far. They have been so helpful as we entered our first year of official home schooling." Sue

"Fantastic reading. I am so inspired...
Your honesty is rare." Tracy


About Home Education

Home education is a legal alternative to school education in Australia. State and territory governments are responsible for regulating home education and have different registration requirements, however homeschooling families are able, and encouraged, to develop curriculum and learning programs to suit the educational and developmental needs of their individual children. For more information visit:

Have a question about home education?

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About us: When you order, you deal with a real living person who is familiar with the products we sell. This is a small mum and daughter family business, the books we write and sell are based on personal lived experience. We understand our subject, having built empathy and understanding of the needs of home educating families over 30 years of volunteering and advocacy in the homeschooling and unschooling community. Our aim is to encourage you on your home educating journey and to help you find ways to meet your family's educational needs. We wish to empower you as an educating parent and the nature of our books is to build your confidence to help you teach your children: we are not suppliers of fill-in-the-blank curriculum materials for children to complete. Our books give you information of the why and how of home education, what has and will work for you as an educating parent.

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