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Learning Without School
Home Educating Families Share a Day in their Lives

Edited by Beverley Paine

Over 30 families offer a unique glimpse into the different ways they educate their children at home.

ISBN 1876651202
92 pages, 210mm x 290mm, illustrated.

Now available as an eBook!

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Although home education isn't a new phenomenon – and is, in fact, millennia older than the tradition of school education – it is arousing intense curiosity among parents and young people desperate to find satisfying and successful solutions to the perennial problems experienced in the classroom.

If you…
… are thinking about taking your children out of the school system,
… want to avoid school altogether,
… are curious about how homeschooling parents balance relationships, work and leisure commitments, manage the housework – and – educate their children at home,
… already homeschool but are looking for fresh ideas,
… are interested in other homeschooling approaches,
… or perhaps simply long to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and see how other families organise learning at home…
…this book is for you.

Explore how different families journey along this liberating educational path. Discover the secrets to homeschooling success as you read this wonderful collection of real days and weeks showing a wide spectrum of tried and tested approaches to home education. Over thirty articulate and intimate ‘snapshots’ of everyday family life capture the unique essence and flexible nature of Australian home education.

"When first introduced to the concept of home education most people think of mum standing by a desk, child with bent head, busily writing or reading… Home educated children may have desks, and parents do teach lessons from books, but homeschooling is much more than ‘school-at-home’, as the experiences shared by the many families in this book demonstrate.

I’m always astounded by, and grateful for, the willingness of homeschooling families to share their experiences with others. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been teaching our children at home, the urge to see how other families ‘do it’ is forever strong. Our reasons are many: we may yearn for fresh ideas, practical tips and/or reassurance. Robust support networks have grown to answer this need. They provide an enduring sense of companionship among homeschooling families. It is with this sentiment that these articulate, and enthusiastically given, ‘snapshots’ of daily homeschooling life are offered by the families in this book.

Reading their contributions was one of the real pleasures of working on Learning Without School. I am indebted to Kim, Emily, Beth, Sonia, Mandy, Sonia, Kirsten and their families, and the Chapman, Moore, Collins, McNeill, Cooper, Coleman, Heath, Tuckerman. Cordes, Jacob, Collins, Delpol, Harding, van Rijn, Hardy, Tunes, Shobbrook, Herriman, Davidson, Savins, Whittaker families, for making time from their busy homeschooling lives to help with this project. A huge thank you goes to the children; Jade, Ilana, Michelle, Thomas, and Elizabeth and to all those that sent in photographs and beautiful artwork.

I am extremely grateful to those many friends whose contributions took less tangible form, most often as conversations that gave me the inspiration and confidence to produce this book. And finally, I say a huge thank you to my three wonderful children, April, Roger and Thomas, who, over the years, have taught me most of what I know about the nature of learning, and to my wonderful husband, Robin, for his steadfast support and assistance in bringing Learning Without Schooling to fruition."

Beverley Paine

What readers think...

"The book arrived today, and we have had great joy reading all the stories – thank you very much!"
Davina Jensen

What's in this book? Contents...

  • A Typical Homeschooling Day - Beverley Paine
  • Learning on the Atherton Tablelands - Grace Chapman
  • Home Education: A Lifestyle - Belinda Moore
  • A Friday in September - Karen Collins
  • My Day - Jade Collins
  • Monday - Ilana Collins
  • A Day in our Home Schooling Life - Martina McNeill
  • A Random Day… - Michelle Cooper
  • Learning is a Life-long Process… - Cheryl Cooper
  • A Day in the Life of a Natural Learning Family - Nikki Coleman
  • Learning From Living - Kim
  • A Day with Sarah, Simon, David and Caitlin, July 2003 - Sarah Tuckerman
  • Our Home Schooling Day - The Cordes Family
  • What Suits Us Best - Michelle Jacob
  • Simply Just Being - Sue Collins
  • Natural Learning Works for Us - Lisa Collins
  • A Typical Week - Kirsten
  • Learning On-The-Go… - Sharon Delpol
  • Weaving Learning into Conversation - Louise Wilton
  • A Typical Day for Jonah and Hanna
  • What are the boys doing today? - Emily
  • Following Rouan’s Interests - Audrey van Rijn
  • Apprentices to Life - Jo Heath
  • From School-at-Home to Home-school - Beth
  • A Teenage Perspective - Elizabeth Hardy
  • Finding the Best Approach - Nicki Tunes
  • An Inspired Education - Peela Shobbrook
  • Living a Beautiful Life - Sonia Fluke
  • A Healthy Alternative - Vanessa Whittaker
  • Learning Naturally:Different Every Day - The Herriman Family
  • No Two Days Ever The Same! - Fiona Davidson
  • Tuesday, 10th February, 2004 - Mandy
  • No Such Thing as a ‘Typical Day’ - Marina Savins
  • A Learning Journey Ends… - Beverley Paine
    - 1986… the early years
    - 1995… a visit from the grandparents
    - 1998… natural learning – the wait is worth it!
    - 2004… The End: Thomas and his last home educated days


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April Jermey took over the reins of Always Learning Books from hr mother, Beverley Paine, in 2011. A stay-at-home part-time working mum of two young children, April experienced a mix of education, including homeschooling, unschooling, part-time attendance at school, completing her high school certificate at school. She supports the right of families to choose the education that best meets the needs of their children.

Beverley Paine home educated her three children, now all adults, between 1985 and 2004. An active volunteer supporting and promoting education choice for families for over two decades her legacy continues in her books and articles.

About Home Education

Home education is a legal alternative to school education in Australia. State and territory governments are responsible for regulating home education and have different registration requirements, however homeschooling families are able, and encouraged, to develop curriculum and learning programs to suit the educational and developmental needs of their individual children. For more information visit
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Natural Learners / Unschoolers

Beverley's manual on how to write your own homeschool curriculum! The ultimate DIY guide.

"Beverley's patience, experience, and understanding of both the questions and the answers make her a wonderfully helpful guide to the adventure of helping children learn without school."
Wendy Priesnitz, Life Media "Beverley's lengthy experience in the homeschooling community is legend. Thankfully for all involved she continues to share her deep thinking and acquired wisdom..." Linda Dobson, Parent at the Helm

A refreshing practical approach to unschooling based on the needs of the child and family which demystifies and simplifies the philosophy and practice of this style of home education.
ISBN 978-1-876651-58-9

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